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Ent. News: Rick Ross New Girlfriend Shared Some Motivation For Her Fans

Rick Ross New Girlfriend Speaks Out

Rick Ross New Girlfriend Shared Some Motivation For Her Fans

Earlier this week, Christina Mackey shared some motivation for her fans online. That came in the form of pics she dropped with her new boo Rick Ross including one that appears to be the pair kissing in front of a private jet. “Use it as motivation” she captioned the post seemingly to inspire her followers to similarly chase their dreams. But that wasn’t exactly the theme of many responses to the post.

Plenty of people took issue with just how many women Rick Ross has been associated with throughout his career. The comments in a repost of the pics by The Shade Room eventually got so bad that Mackey had to come to the comments to defend herself. “You all are very mean spirited.. Instead of expressing your love for him as the “supporters” you claim to be, and being happy to see 2 beautiful black people genuinely smile — you’re spreading hate,” her response comment reads. But she had even more to say and chose to say it in a response video she shared to Instagram earlier today. Check out that clip below.

Rick Ross Girlfriend Speaks Out

In the new video Mackey shared, she flips things back on the haters themselves. She accuses them of short-sighted jealousy that’s causing them to hate on others and asks why should would ever listen to haters after what she’s earned for herself. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t slow down her critics. “People that make videos to tell the internet “they don’t care about what the internet thinks” is WILD AF to me….. I’ll never understand it,” one of the most upvoted comments on the video reads.

Rick Ross recently teamed up with Meek Mill for a new collaborative album called Too Good To Be True. While some, like 50 Cent, tried to clown the pair for the relatively low sales of the album, it didn’t seem to bother them much. Rather than focusing on raw numbers, both praised the fact that they’ve taken complete ownership of their music. What do you think of Christina Mackey’s new message for those taking issue with her relationship with Rick Ross? Let us know in the comment section below.


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