How SMEs Can Thrive In 2024″ From Entrepreneur

SMEs In 2024

How SMEs Can Thrive In 2024″ From Entrepreneur.

Hair beauty expert, Omotoyosi Grace Oyewale, has recently offered valuable advice for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on how to flourish in 2024. Oyewale, the founder of 9jahairdeal, said that adequate knowledge and strategic planning are the cornerstones of success in any venture.

According to Oyewale, building a strong brand vision and understanding your ideal customers are crucial steps for SMEs to achieve success not only in 2024 but also in the years to come.

Persistence and a well-defined vision are key to sustaining SMEs in the nation’s business environment, Oyewale advises. She noted the importance of articulating your plans ahead to ensure long-term success and navigate potential economic challenges.

“Small and Medium Enterprises play a vital role in the country’s economic landscape,” Oyewale said. “By having a clear brand vision that transcends current circumstances and consistently adds value, SMEs can contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress.”

Identifying your genuine and ideal customers is another vital ingredient for success, Oyewale advises. These individuals will be reliable partners in translating your vision into profitable outcomes. Persistence and resilience in the face of challenges are also essential for sustainable growth.

Oyewale encourages entrepreneurs to explore simple business ideas with high potential in 2024, such as graphic design, makeup artistry, photography, etc. She said that acquiring the necessary skills and following the process diligently are key to success in these fields.

Integrity, she asserts, is the cornerstone of any thriving business. “Building trust and confidence through genuine interactions is crucial for long-term success,” Oyewale said.

Consistency, a strong content marketing strategy, and positive customer interactions are the ingredients that nourished Oyewale’s own business, she shares. Maintaining strong relationships with customers through initiatives like the “Shoot 3” campaign and offering valuable online content about wig care are examples of how she fosters brand loyalty.

By implementing these insightful tips and focusing on building a strong foundation, SMEs can navigate the challenges of 2024 and pave the way for sustainable success in the years to come, she stressed.


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