Importance Of Electricity And It Is Uses In Our Environment

Importance Of Electricity And It Is Uses In Our Environment.

Looking around us, we are surrounded by technology and modern equipment. Every day’s life chore is incomplete without machines. After the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the shift from manual labor to machinery started a new wave of technological development. Similarly, capitalism reinforced technological development. Companies launched various products to meet the needs of consumers. Today, we see these products in our homes that use electricity to work. Without electricity, these products cannot work and hence daily life chores cannot be accomplished. This is the importance of electricity in our lives in today’s age.

What is Electricity and How was it Discovered?

Electricity is simply the movement of electrons in a conductor. A conductor is a material that allows electricity to pass through it i.e. copper and iron. It is said that Benjamin Franklin was the first one who discovered electricity by observing a thunderstorm. However, some also believe that there were few people before Franklin who observed thunderstorms and discovered the phenomenon of electricity. But Franklin made hypotheses on the phenomenon of electricity and proposed an experiment to capture an electric spark from a thunderstorm.

Although the discovery of electricity was a remarkable breakthrough without having to use the electricity from a thunderstorm was still an issue. Therefore, after Franklin’s discovery, many scientists tried to make practical use of electricity. Later, Luigi Galvani discovered that electricity charge flows between two metals by observing a frog getting an electrical shock. Based on this, Volta invented batteries that are the source of modern inventions.

Sources Of Electricity in 21st Century. 

Moving forward to the 21st century, the use of electricity is a basic need. The importance of electricity is similar to food and water for people of the 21st century. However, with the growing human population and the need for electricity in our lives, humans have discovered various other ways to produce electricity. These are the sources that produce electricity.

  • Fossil fuel, which includes coal, petroleum, and natural gas.
  • Solar energy.
  • Hydral energy using water turbines.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Nuclear energy.
  • Importance Of Electricity in our Lives

Looking around us, electricity is everywhere – in schools, homes, hospitals, shops, markets, etc. The use of electricity is essential for everyone.

  •  Light is Electricity

First and foremost, the use of electricity for lighting up light bulbs is the biggest reason why we need electricity in our lives. The light bulbs provide light to us and we can perform our tasks even after it is dark. Before the use of electricity and the invention of the light bulb, people used gas lamps or oil lamps. It used oil to light up the room enough that one can see properly. In this scenario, the discovery of electricity and the use of light bulbs was a remarkable invention.

  • Home Appliances

Today, everyday products and appliances i.e. TV, fridge, iron, electric bulb, microwave, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners, heaters, computers, etc. require electricity to run. Humans have become dependent upon these appliances that even one day without these products is unimaginable. No doubt these appliances have made the lives of humans easy and have increased the importance of electricity in our lives.

  • Hospital And Medical Facilities

The hospitals are fully dependent on electricity. The medical tests that are necessary for a proper diagnosis like X-ray, CT scan, PET scan, etc. use electricity to run. Without this technology, the functioning of a hospital is impossible. Moreover, the use of computers in surgery these days is another example of why electricity is necessary for providing good medical facilities.

  • Environmental Friendly Transportation Facilities

The transport services in many countries are dependent upon electricity. Underground subways and electric buses are the main forms of public transport for many countries. Other than that, in recent years, many leading automobile companies have successfully developed electric cars or electric bikes for environmentally friendly transportation. Since petrol and other fuels used by automobiles have proven to be harmful to the environment. The growing concerns regarding global warming and climate change have made these electric automobiles renowned among people.

  • Industrial Operations

The importance of electricity in industrial operations is the basis of a country’s economy. The industries that used manual labor and manual machines for operations are now using electricity. The use of electricity has made these operations easy. Big machines are used by industries to increase their productivity while maintaining a low cost of the products. This heavy machinery can only be run on electricity and otherwise, it is difficult to run the machinery for work. This has resulted in achieving profits and increasing the production line.

  • Construction

When we see the construction of houses or buildings, there are a lot of elements and equipment involved. Such as electric drills, woodcutting, and wood carving equipment. These types of equipment have made life and construction easy. The construction industry depending upon this new electric equipment has brought a revolution in the construction industry. Not only it makes the task easy and take less time but also makes it more durable and reliable.

  • Communication and Internet

The world without the internet and communication is impossible to imagine. All of this could be made possible because of electricity. Communication devices run on electricity like mobile phones, computers, laptops, telephones, etc. Similarly, the internet is now the life of this planet. Especially under the current circumstances – pandemic and lockdown – there is a wide shift towards dependency on the internet for various life functions. Online classes, the e-commerce industry, work from home, etc. depend upon the internet and the internet is dependent upon electricity. This is why electricity is extremely important for people.

  • Electricity in Space

One can think that the importance of electricity is only limited to the earth, but it is not true. The electricity has reached space as well. the satellites that are sent to space have to be there for a longer period. It requires electricity to run because transporting other fuel ways to space is dangerous and very expensive. This is why electricity is generated inside the satellite or space stations. Access to space is only made possible because of the use of electricity.

  • Entertainment Industry

Certainly, even the thought of the entertainment industry would not have been possible if there was no electricity. The use of high-quality cameras used in shooting movies or dramas requires electricity. Other than that, cinemas are dependent upon electricity for their smooth running. Similarly, the use of VCR and DVD players in old times – which started the rise of the entertainment industry cannot and should not be forgotten.

  • Education and Research

The role of electricity in spreading education through digital mediums is one of the biggest achievements of mankind today. Online classes have become the new norm of the world amid pandemics. The people from the areas that face the downfall of electricity have reported the difficulties they have faced. This counts as a blessing for people who are privileged enough to continue with their education even in this situation. Therefore, we need to collectively progress and include everyone.

  • Electricity on Streets

Enough talk about electricity for indoors, commercial use, industrial use, etc. But the use of electricity for a task as simple as lighting up the streets is reflecting the importance of electricity. The street lights that are lighting up our streets are an unspoken blessing for the people of the 20th and 21st centuries. Moreover, street life has evolved immensely in the 21st century. People can walk and work peacefully even at night because the electricity is lighting up the streets and roads for us.

  • Conclusion

While conclusion, the importance of electricity is unmatched by any other invention. The reason is that the discovery and invention of electricity and its practical use in daily life have led to many other inventions and modernization. Even the technological revolution has been made possible because of the presence of electricity in our lives.


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