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Latest News On Kawu Dan Sarki 2023

Latest News On Kawu Dan Sarki 2023

Latest News On Kawu Dan Sarki 2023

Kawu Dan Sarki, is a Northern Nigerian Hausa singer, songwriter, and dancer who has quickly risen to stardom in the Hausa Music scene. Here’s a breakdown of his accomplishments and what makes him stand out:

Musical Success:

  • Genre: HausaMusic, Afro-fusion
  • Hits: “Sanadinki Ne”, “Kina A Raina”, “Ribar So”, “Ingallo”, “Gyara”
  • Musical Style: Energetic, catchy melodies, Hausa lyrics often laced with humor and wordplay
Download Kawu Dan Sarki’s Songs 2023 below…

MUSIC: Kawu Dan Sarki – Kina A Raina Mp3 Download

MUSIC: Kawu Dan Sarki – Sanadinki Ne Mp3 download

MUSIC: Kawu Dan Sarki – Allah Bani Lafiya Mp3 Download

MUSIC: Kawu Dan Sarki – Cika Ciki Mp3 Download


  • Kawu Dan Sarki is a talented musician with a unique blend of Hausa Music and Afro-fusion sounds.
  • His catchy melodies, energetic performances, and humorous lyrics have won over fans across Northern Nigeria and beyond.
  • He is considered one of the hottest rising stars in the Hausa Music scene and has achieved impressive success in a short time.

Listen To Kawu Dan Sarki 

  • Listen to his music on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.
  • Follow him on social media (@Kawudansarki on Instagram and Twitter) to stay updated on his latest releases and activities.


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