QNET COMPANY Launches Campaign Against Fraudulent Schemes In Nigeria


QNET COMPANY Launches Campaign Against Fraudulent Schemes In Nigeria.

QNET, a global direct-selling company focusing on lifestyle and wellness, has launched a social awareness campaign in Nigeria. The campaign aims to educate consumers and improve brand recognition while enhancing protection against scams.

The objective is to equip Nigerians with the knowledge to distinguish genuine QNET services from fraudulent schemes. This three-month effort combines Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) advertising strategies to engage and inform the Nigerian audience effectively.

Biram Fall, QNET Sub-Saharan Africa’s regional general manager, stressed the company’s commitment to quality products and consumer empowerment through awareness.

He noted that the campaign’s primary aim is to help Nigerians identify legitimate QNET offerings and protect themselves from fraudulent activities. Additionally, it serves as an introduction to QNET’s diverse lifestyle and wellness products, aiming to enhance individuals’ and families’ quality of life in Nigeria.

He said, “QNET’s social awareness campaign in Nigeria is a crucial step in equipping Nigerians with the tools to differentiate between legitimate offerings from QNET and fraudulent schemes, ultimately creating a safer and more informed consumer landscape.

“Beyond safeguarding consumers, this campaign also serves as an introduction to the diverse range of lifestyle and wellness products that QNET provides, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families across the country.”

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