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Tamar Braxton Is Disgusted By Whomever Released The Footage From Her Dressing Room

Tamar Braxton Hurt By Leaked Dressing Room Footage

Tamar Braxton Is Disgusted By Whomever Released The Footage From Her Dressing Room.

Tamar Braxton‘s been on a wild ride of emotions in recent months, and we hope to see her find some stable ground in 2024. Unfortunately, things aren’t off to a great start as the reality starlet is already letting drama from last year cloud her brain in the first few days of January. As you may recall, Braxton was in the headlines for weeks this past fall after Chrisean Rock caused a scene at her Baltimore concert. An incident in her dressing room led to backup singer James Wright Chanel being assaulted by the young woman. All this time later, it remains unclear exactly what was happening backstage that night.

Now, footage from before the blowout is making rounds online, showing Rock interrupting Tamar’s prayer circle. The look on her big sister Toni’s face proves she wasn’t feeling the mother-of-one’s behaviour. Some viewers are also pointing out that the elder Braxton sister hides her hand from Chrisean’s grasp. As the video continues to cause a stir, the “All the Way Home” hitmaker is speaking out on Twitter/X about her boundaries.

Tamar Braxton Hurt By Leaked Dressing Room Footage

“I wasn’t going to say anything because I think that at this point y’all are going to believe whatever you want,” she vented earlier this week. “And ALL the events that happened was unfortunate. But what is truly DISGUSTING is that my dressing room and prayer is a sacred place. Whomever released that can go straight to hell,” Tamar publicly declared. If the multi-talent did find out who betrayed her, she hasn’t exposed them (yet). If not, it’s likely there’s only a small number of potential culprits for her to narrow down.

It’s obvious that Toni Braxton isn’t a huge fan of Chrisean Rock. However, rumour has it she’s an even bigger fan of Birdman than ever before, as online blogs are speculating that the on-again-off-again couple secretly tied the knot. Read how little sister Tamar and her fiance are reacting to the rumours at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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