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Tijjani Gandu – Karshen Tika Tiki Mp3 Download

2024 New Music Song And All old Song By Tijjani Gandu

Tijjani Gandu – Karshen Tika Tiki Mp3 Download.

2024 New Music Song And All old Song By Tijjani Gandu

Who Is Tijjani Gandu?

Tjjani Gandu is a songwriter, and politician from Kano State, Nigeria. He is the current chairman of the Kano State chapter of the Musicians Association of Nigeria. He is also a popular Hausa singer, songwriter from Kano, Nigeria. He is known for his popular Hausa songs, which often address social and political issues. Tijjani Gandu has released several albums, including Tijjani Gandu na farko (2012), Tijjani Gandu Na Biyu (2014), and Tijjani Gandu Na Uku (2016). He has also collaborated with other popular Hausa musicians, such as Ali Jita and Naziru M Ahmad.

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Why Should We Listen To Tijjani Gandu?

Tijjani Gandu is an NNPP singer and he mostly releases his songs about politics, more especially for their party members like Dr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso and the current Governor of Kano, State Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf. influential figure in Hausa music. His songs are often played on radio and television stations in Nigeria,

Tijjani Gandu “Karshen Tika Tiki” Mp3 Download.

Finally We Got a brand New another Song By NNPP Singer “Tijjani Gandu” Titled “Karshen Tika Tiki”. You can scroll down below and have this beautiful sound visualizer downloaded on your cellphone by tapping the Download Now button.

“Karshen Tika Tiki” Mp3 Download…

Download and stream this sound visualizer below…


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